Year 7 Academic Scholarships for 2022

Available Scholarships

Online nominations are now closed and will re-open in October 2021 for 2023 entry.

Testing for current applications will occur on Saturday 6 March, 2021. Auditions for those students who have nominated as a music student, will occur on Friday 5 March, 2021.  Further information regarding audition times will be shared with the appropriate candidates.


How to apply:

Part 1

Please click on the following link and and complete the ACER Scholarship nomination process:

Part 2 

Please compile an A4 sized portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio is to give the School an understanding of your child, including their academic and extra-curricular achievements, interests and goals. It is an integral part of the assessment process and is considered in conjunction with examination results.

The portfolio must include all items listed below, as well as any other supporting documentation you may wish to submit. Please do not include originals, as your portfolio will not be returned.
  1. Print and complete the Scholarship Examination Application Form.
  2. Print and complete the Financial Needs Assessment Form (non-compulsory). 
  3. Include a copy of your child's two (2) most recent school reports.
  4. Include NAPLAN results from Year 3 onwards.
  5. Include a testimonial, written by your child, explaining why they would like to be considered for a scholarship and how they believe attending Guildford Grammar School would impact their future and their family.
  6. Include a personal reference describing your child's character, general attitude, and interests from someone else who knows your child well (not a family member). This may be a family friend, teacher, coach, priest or similar. Current Guildford Grammar School students cannot request a reference from members of staff.
  7. Include supporting documentation of your child's involvement and achievements in co-curricular activities, including sport, cultural pursuits and community participation. This may be in the form of written references from a coach/mentor, newspaper articles, certificates or photographs.
  8. If applying for a music based scholarship - please prepare two contrasting pieces (meaning two different styles, genres, or even a key signature) for the scholarship audition. If you are auditioning on two instruments, only one piece is needed for each instrument. Please ensure you provide one copy of each performance piece for the examiner and bring your own copy for the audition process.
  9. Include a copy of the candidate's birth certificate (not required for current students of Guildford Grammar School).
  10. Immunisation record.
Applicants who do not include all items listed above or are late in submitting their portfolio may still be considered for a scholarship based on their examination results. However, an incomplete or missing portfolio will form part of deliberations during the adjudication process.

Submit your portfolio to the attention of:

Mrs Tamara Laurito
Guildford Grammar School
Thwaites Centre
11 Terrace Rd
Guildford WA 6055
Phone: (+61) 9377 9247

Portfolio submissions -  When applications are open, it is preferred that you hand deliver your portfolio. Due to the constraints of distance, if you need to post or courier, please allow plenty of time, as late portfolios cannot be accepted.

For more information about Guildford Grammar School, request a copy of our Prospectus or read our School publications.