Co-Educational Senior School

Co-education at Guildford Grammar SchoolGuildford Grammar Senior School is now fully co-educational from Years 7-12.  Extending co-education to the Senior School reinforces the School's purpose and reflects the modern world in which men and women collaborate and work together, succeeding as equals.

Our decision to extend co-education to the Senior School builds on our proud tradition of co-educational success in the Preparatory School. 

Every day we see the benefits of girls and boys learning together, inspiring each other and collaborating.  Life is co-educational.  In order to prepare our students for the world, we believe it is important that girls and boys learn to work together and grow together.

Every child is unique and has different strengths and interests. At Guildford Grammar School, it has always been a priority to meet the needs of every student in their pursuit of personal excellence.  Our education program is not based on gender, but on the individual.

Student wellbeing and building positive relationships are central to everything that we do.  Working in partnership with families, it is our job to prepare children for the future and it is a role that we take very seriously.

Co-educational Boarding

The next step for us is the extension of co-educational boarding.  We are excited that from the beginning of 2020 brothers and sisters will be able to live and learn together.  One school, one pick-up and drop-off and one schedule of school events.  You can find out more about our exciting plans here.

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