A Week in Year 1

A day in Year 1Year 1 is a very busy place!

Last week we made the most delicious Hedgehog Slice to give as a gift to our mums at our Mother’s Day breakfast. Our special visitors took the time to discuss in detail their child’s amazing portfolios, which are a culmination of our work so far.

In English we are looking at one of our favourite books; ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. The text is very rich and the children are really enjoying exploring the different characters. We plan to turn this into an item for assembly at the end of this term.

In Mathematics we are exploring patterns and 3-dimensional objects whilst still doing lots of counting and number work.

The overall focus for this term for Inquiry (Science and Geography) is discovering the properties of materials through chemical changes. We have done lots of cooking!  It has been very interesting doing an activity called a ‘Talking and Thinking Tub’ where we have intentionally placed items, that provoke discussion, in a box and the children choose items to ‘see, think and then wonder’.

A Week in Year 1From their discussions and questions we then choose a path of Inquiry.

In Geography we are looking at natural, managed and constructed environments. We are doing this by talking about the children’s favourite places. They have provided such diverse places from beaches down south to places in Singapore.

Some of the skills we are harnessing in our students through these activities include self-regulation, independence, resilience, kindness, empathy, problem solving and creative thinking.

We have also started going on our weekly adventuring afternoons to the river. We find the most amazing treasures and appreciate the wonderfully beautiful nature play area we have so close by. While some children go adventuring, another group will garden. We weed, rake, dig, discover, plant mystery seeds and taste our growing produce (the tomatoes are really good this!). Children also take some plants home to plant in their own gardens.

If you ever want to see children displaying joy - come and observe them spending time in the ‘Inquiry Room’. This is an amazing room set up by Mrs Harris and Mrs Beech. Each learning centre is intentional. It supports our Inquiry Program and encourages children to interact positively and engage in constructive and thought provoking ‘play’ whilst developing oral language and social skills. The hospital, tinkering table and hairdressing salon are a big hit this term.

Tips for success in Year 1

  • Lots of sleep
  • Read and play
  • Encourage independence
  • Play board games
  • Spend time in nature
  • Ask questions and lots of talking about our discoveries

Year 1 Teachers
Mrs Cooper and Mrs Harris


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