Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment in the Senior School at Guildford Grammar School is collaborative, dynamic and innovative.
Our multi-tiered approach ensures that students across the Senior School (from Year 7 to Year 12) can access a range of support structures and programs designed to respond to their individual learning needs.

In-class Support
Students with a specific diagnosed learning difficulty or disability may benefit from the in-class support provided by one of our Educational Assistants.  This type of support is coordinated by Learning Enrichment and regular communication between the classroom teacher, the EA and Learning Enrichment ensures that students are assisted appropriately.
Intervention Programs

When appropriate, students have access to a range of targeted academic intervention programs run by Learning Enrichment.  This includes FOCUS English classes for those who require extra support in developing their literacy skills.
Some under performing students who are not yet reaching the appropriate age level require intensive support.  The Learning Enrichment team is able to work closely with key pastoral care staff, school counsellors, psychologists and parents to collaboratively develop, implement and monitor appropriate individual support programs including ASDAN modules and Modified Mathematics and Modified English courses, focusing on essential life skills.

OLNA Support
Reaching level 3 in OLNA (the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments for students who have not pre-qualified by achieving level 8 or above in Year 9 NAPLAN) is necessary for the achievement of a WACE Certificate at the end of Year 12.  Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 who require extra assistance to develop the skills necessary to reach level 3 in OLNA can be withdrawn from scheduled private study lessons to receive targeted interventions. 
Disability Provisions
The Learning Enrichment team also co-ordinates Disability Provisions for in-class assessments and examinations and prepares Disability Provisions applications for submission to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). Students and parents who wish to find out additional information regarding Disability Provisions should contact us as soon as they suspect accommodations may be necessary, as SCSA requires many months of background intervention and monitoring to be made before a student is eligible for extra time in external examinations, for example.
Contact:  Mrs Ullisa Macdougall-Hull, Head of Learning Enrichment:
Email: Ullisa.macdougall-hull@ggs.wa.edu.au  
Tel. (08) 9377 8503