Information Services

The library at Guildford Grammar SchoolThe Hamilton Library aims to encourage all students to depart the School equipped with a suite of skills that will enable them to locate, evaluate and use information effectively, via both print and technological resources, for all future learning requirements.

All students are also encouraged to develop a love of literature and reading for recreation and enjoyment. One of the ways in which the Library promotes this is by the hosting of junior and senior book clubs.  Members meet once a fortnight and library staff facilitates and encourages lively discussions and online related activities.

Our team of professional library staff are always available to direct, guide and advice students in their quests to become independent life-long learners.  Teachers are also encouraged to collaborate with library staff when planning and preparing their lessons as resources can be researched and made ready for the class use.

Homework Help is offered in the Library after school with Old Guildfordians assisting current students with their subjects and general study tips.  Boarders' Prep is open to all students from 6.30pm-8.30pm Monday to Thursday, where a mix of highly qualified Old Guildfordians and teaching staff offer two hours of invaluable tutelage.

The Library is open from 7.45am to 5.30pm, including Recess and Lunchtime, Monday to Friday.   Whether students wish to study and research, or read and relax, the Hamilton Library provides an atmosphere conducive to both learning and leisure.