March 2017 Co-education Update

In 2016 Guildford Grammar School announced that it would begin the transition to full co-education, welcoming girls in Years 7, 8 and 11 in 2018. It is a very exciting time in the history of our School. The School has a detailed and documented plan for the transition and through this termly newsletter will communicate the work that is occurring throughout 2017 to enable us to provide our first female Senior School students with a warm welcome in 2018.  Below you will find an update on the progress of various aspects of the project.  


The School has established two new positions that will support the extension of co-education into the Senior School; the Director of Girls’ Sport, and Co-education Transition Coordinator. The School advertised these position in late February and applications have now closed. We received a high number of applications of exceptional quality from both internal and external applicants. Interviewing candidates commenced last week and we expect to announce appointments in early April. More information on the responsibilities of each role is below.



The Director of Girls’ Sport will lead the implementation of new sporting programs, working closely with current staff and new students to provide them with opportunities equivalent to those provided to our boys through the PSA program. The program will be unique, creative, directed to a certain extent by the interest of the new students, and have the potential to grow and adapt with student numbers and interests. The Director will be responsible for the participation and excellence of students of all abilities in school sports that provide the opportunity for personal development, health benefits, development of team-building skills and enjoyment. The Director of Girls’ Sport will also work with the Director of Co-Curricular Activities to enhance this program.

The Co-education Transition Coordinator will collaborate with school leadership, staff and students to ensure that the school culture promotes and supports inclusion during the extension of co-education into the Senior School. The focus of the Co-education Transition Coordinator will be on providing support for staff and students, and they will have a key pastoral care role (additional to that provided as part of our House program) for our female students.



After considering community and staff feedback, the School can confirm that House allocation will be consistent for all students. Both male and female students will be allocated into the House of their family connection where this is the case. Students from families new to the School will be allocated to a House during the enrolment process. Whilst the number of Senior School female students is in a growth phase, the girls will be provided with an additional gathering point that will be located centrally and in close proximity to the office of the Co-education Transition Coordinator.  


The School has been working on planned alterations to our timetable to increase flexibility – this is work that was planned and not directly related to the extension of co-education.   In 2018 the School expects to offer new subjects in the areas of the Arts and Technology (such as Dance). The introduction of some subjects is related to changes in the Australian Curriculum and was planned prior to the announcement regarding co-education. Health and Physical Education classes are the only classes we are considering running separately for boys and girls.
In 2018 our Catalyst program will continue, as we believe it is a highly effective program that truly engages all students. The full subject list for 2018 is currently being finalised and we can confirm that we will continue to offer a wide range of Discovery Learning courses that best meet the needs of all of our students. If you have any specific queries or requests, please contact Head of Catalyst, Graham Lawson, on 9377 9299.
We will continue to offer a wide variety of ATAR and non ATAR pathways for our Senior Secondary students. For more information on Senior Secondary subject choices you are welcome to contact our Director of Teaching and Learning, Dr Julie Harris, on 9377 9251.  


The School is looking forward to expanding our sports program to provide excellent opportunities for our new female students in a range of sports that offer training,  competitive activities and competitions.  The appointed Director of Girls' Sport, along with our Director of Coaching, will be seeking enthusiastic, qualified and experienced coaches to support and be influential role models for our new female athletes. A sample of the sports we expect to offer are listed below:








Cross Country







Other independent sport program options**

* May be affiliated with community club program
** Based on the interests of future students, possibility for alternative sport programs to be considered

The School expects the sports program may grow with student numbers to include other sports, and we welcome suggestions from our new students as to the sports they are interested in.  During the growth phase we will support and encourage some unique individual sporting programs for new female students until numbers are sufficient to field teams across the full range of sports.

Regarding boys’ sport, the School confirms that boys at Guildford Grammar School will continue to participate in the PSA as they have always done – there will be no change to this program in 2018. Whilst there has been some public discussion regarding this point, the School’s membership of the PSA was never in question by the PSA Heads.


A committee has been established consisting of experienced and qualified staff who will further develop the plan for this program to be available to all students. We have been encouraged by the high level of interest from the staff and some of our current students who engage in equestrian sports outside of school.   


In winter, for the first time, the School will enter netball teams in the competition at Mathews State Netball Centre, for girls in Years 5 and 6. This establishes a link that will provide fantastic opportunities for our Senior School girls.


Our current co-curricular activities provide an excellent range of activities for all students. The activities often vary from term to term and change so that students enjoy a variety. Our new female students will be encouraged to suggest any co-curricular activities that are of additional interest to them, as our current students do. A sample of our current co-curricular programs are listed below:

Mock Trials
Public Speaking
Rock Climbing
Academic DaVinci Decathlon



Work to facilities associated with the extension of co-education commenced in January 2017 with the School's initial focus being on bathrooms and change rooms. This work is approximately 35% complete and is running to our project schedule. We have commenced re-surfacing of courts for multi-purpose use (basketball and netball), with one complete at the rear of the Senior School below the Tuck Shop. Work to other courts behind the Junior Hall and in the Preparatory School have been scheduled.  Other works scheduled for 2017 include enhancements to our Medical Centre, Houses and outdoor socialisation spaces.  The School is also in the process of completing a revised Masterplan that will include options for the provision of boarding facilities in 2020 and future years.



Work on the design of a girls’ uniform is well underway and we would like to thank all the parents that completed the uniform survey that was sent out at the start of the year. The information that you provided has informed the work of our Uniform Design Group and designer Jonathan Ward.

In the first week of April the School will receive manufactured samples of the material below, and samples of many of the uniform items pictured below. We also expect that in the first week in April our Uniform Design Group will dedicate a significant amount of time to sports uniforms for girls.

Please note that the below sketches are early ones and we will have samples available for viewing later in the design process.

The completion of Senior School girls’ uniforms is the priority; however, the Uniform Working Group has also discussed a number of small changes to current school uniforms (Senior Boys and Preparatory School) following the feedback received in the survey. No firm decisions have been made yet regarding these changes. Parents can expect that if any small changes are confirmed these will be communicated well in advance and with a long implementation time frame. 


Summer uniform fabric (samples being
made with and without the Fleur de lise)

Summer uniform dress style



Summer uniform options (white or blue shirt yet to be decided and blue tailored short or skort to be decided)




Winter uniform fabric (samples being
made with and without the Fleur de lise)

Winter uniform style




Winter uniform options



(Girls blazers to be similar to the current boys blazers with a more feminine cut available in the Senior School)





More information will be provided throughout the year in similar termly newsletters, however if you have any specific questions regarding this information you may contact the School directly by telephone on 9377 9222 or via email to  The School also welcomes feedback, which can be provided at any time via the home page on the School website


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