The Benefits

Catalyst junior secondary curriculumWhat makes Catalyst different to other junior secondary programs?

Our teachers: Students benefit from specialised teachers in each learning area. Our teachers are passionate and highly skilled in their area of expertise. They are devoted to building strong, positive relationships to keep students engaged and inspire in them a lifelong love of learning.

Active learning: Catalyst has a large practical component. The concept of ‘learning by doing’ enables students to see relevance in their learning and enhances the opportunity for students to become proactive in their learning.

Personal excellence: We work closely with each student to develop personalised learning pathways that will ensure students can become the best version of themselves. Our core learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences, are offered at different ability levels to cater for the individual learning needs of our students.

Choice: Students are given the opportunity to study topics of particular importance and relevance to them. This allows students to discover their passions and interests early in their schooling, and gain an understanding of what they are good at.

Skills for learning and life: The Catalyst Program provides instruction in skills development and important course-specific content. Students are equipped with the tools they need to become proactive and confident learners.

Rigour: As members of the Senior School, students can expect to be challenged and will benefit from an academically rich curriculum.

Future-focused: Our education philosophy is firmly grounded in preparing students for life beyond tomorrow.

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