Personal Learning Program

The Personal Learning Program is a three-year sequential learning program that helps students identify their individual learning needs, skills and abilities. Students are given the flexibility to grow their understanding of who they are as learners.

Action Projects

One of the most effective tools to encourage learning is project-based learning, or Action Projects.  Each year students participate in four Action Projects as part of their Science and Humanities and Social Science (HASS) core learning.

The Action Projects are purposeful, problem-based activities designed to engage students in a rich and practical learning experience, giving students the chance to apply new-found skills and understanding to relevant real-life problems and issues.

Download our brochure for a list of our current Action Projects.

Discovery Courses

Students also have the opportunity to study a wide range of Discovery Courses. Discovery Courses are arranged into specific learning banks, providing significant choice across a broad range of disciplines. Courses have been developed with student interests in mind.

Download our brochure for a list of our current Discovery Courses.

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