How Catalyst Works

Junior secondary school students in the libraryCatalyst provides a solid grounding in the essentials of a good education while catering to the individual needs and interests of every
student as they navigate their way through their secondary schooling.

The three cornerstones of Catalyst are:
  • Core Subjects
  • Discovery Courses
  • Action Projects

Catalyst has been structured around the secondary schooling model, providing specialist teachers in each learning area as well as a student-centred approach to learning. Through Catalyst, students have greater choice in the direction of their learning within an academically rich environment. In Years 7 and 8 every student will study two semester-long Discovery Learning courses of their own choice.

Students in Year 9 will undertake four semester-long Discovery Learning Courses. Each year, students also participate in four Action Projects that are incorporated into their core learning. This personalised approach to learning is designed to help lower secondary students understand their strengths, interests and learning preferences in a way that will complement their future studies and choices.

The Benefits
A love of Learning for Life
Personal Learning Program
STRIVE - Our Academic Talent Program
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