Vocational education and training

WorkReady Pathway

WorkReady Pathway provides the opportunity for students to gain a nationally recognised qualification and Endorsed Workplace Learning Units over Years 11 and 12.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) gives students the skills and knowledge they need to kick-start the career they want through TAFE or alternative entry pathways to universities. These opportunities are available through a combination of Workplace Learning (WPL) and a broad range of certificate qualifications offered in Guildford Grammar School, TAFE and other Registered Training Organisations.

School-Based Traineeships (SBT) incorporate learning and paid work with an employer and are available in a variety of industry areas for students who would like to investigate a specific career option early in their learning journey.

WorkReady Pathway in Year 11

Year 11 students can experience work placements during the exam period each semester. This allows the students to gain practical skills and understanding that will enable them to combine with their certificate qualification in Year 12. Work Ready students generally achieve two Units of Endorsed Workplace Learning in Year 11. This counts towards their WACE.

WorkReady Pathway in Year 12

In consultation with the Careers office, students will look for a suitable certificate qualification either in Guildford Grammar School or through Registered Training Providers such as TAFE or other local providers. In Year 12, WorkReady students complete two units of Endorsed Workplace Learning. This also counts towards their WACE.

Why WorkReady Pathway?

WorkReady in combination with a VET qualification and work experiences has the flexibility and scope to cater to a wide range of needs.
VET in Schools (VETIS) ensures that students are placed to go on to find a job or undertake further study in their current field of interest.
VET is a perfect introduction into the world of work as students can learn practical skills, establish networks and gain an insight into the needs of the workplace.

The school-based VET programme enables a student to be a valued proposition for employers and gives them a head start in their chosen career with current and relevant skills.

A student will leave school with a nationally recognised vocational qualification and have further study pathways for TAFE and alternative pathways to universities.


A Portfolio is a particularly valuable tool for those who can demonstrate equivalence to TAFE and universities ATAR entry through the submission of a portfolio that demonstrates evidence of academic achievements, qualifications and ability. In attending a VET course and the Endorsed Workplace Learning Program, students develop activities and skills that can be included in their Portfolio application.

Please contact Ms Celine Noort for further information about the WorkReady Pathway: