Languages and culture at Guildford Grammar SchoolThe Languages program at Guildford Grammar School is full and varied, offering one European language (French) and one Asian language (Mandarin Chinese).  The program begins in Year 1 with a six-year introduction to Chinese, and students in Year 7 continue their language learning experience by choosing one of the two languages.

Under the Catalyst Program, Year 7 students experience a full year of semi-intensive language study, enabling them to make substantial progress in the language they choose.  Year 8 and 9 courses become options, with a choice of different level units two languages.

Year 10 to 12 language courses are designed to engage learners in an interesting and informative way with the lifestyles of their peers in France and China.  Courses at Year 10 level cater for multi-level learning, while Year 11 and 12 students build on the knowledge gained in previous years.  

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