Humanities and Social Sciences

HASS classroom at Guildford Grammar SchoolHumanities and Social Sciences encompasses the widely recognised disciplines of Geography, History, Economics, Politics, Law, Business Management and Enterprise.

The Faculty provides courses which take the student from a local, to a national and finally to an international perspective. In Years 11 and 12, students can choose which of the above disciplines they wish to specialise in, as outlined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. This includes Modern History, Economics, Geography, Politics and Law, Ancient History, Business Management and Enterprise.

Students are encouraged to learn about their society and environment through hands-on-experiences. The Faculty includes excursions in all years, which provide important links to their coursework. 

In the Years 7, 8, 9 and 10, the students are encouraged to develop their skills in many areas including extended and short answer responses,  recounts, research investigations, cognitive and data interpretation tests, and simulation exercises. The use of ILT is incorporated throughout all courses.

In Years 11 and 12, students select which WACE course they wish to follow. In most cases there is not a prerequisite course to follow from Year 11 into Year 12, although it is recommended that students maintain continuity from one year to the next. Students are provided with a rigorous course of study and are encouraged to fulfil their potential in their WACE-based courses.

Our courses are skills and processes-based, and as such are cumulative over Years 7 to 10. In this way the students are provided with some experience of each of the main Society and Environment courses, allowing the students to make appropriate choices for Years 11 and 12.
Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.