Guildford Grammar School, at all year levels, provides courses that are designed to stimulate all students' intellectual development and prepare them to progress to the next level. There is a continuity and coherence in the curriculum and in the expectations placed on each student. A framework is provided to give structure to the pattern of the school day and to provide guidance to parents regarding the homework and study expected outside the classroom.  

Our courses are delivered in the manner and environment most suited to the students’ learning needs and capacities at each particular age. Within the broad subdivisions of PreparatoryJunior Secondary and Senior School, great care is taken to tailor the courses to achieve maximum benefit for the student, to offer constantly greater challenges, and to produce the independent, resilient, and self-motivated students who graduate from the School.

At all levels, accomplished students and expert staff model academic excellence in the pursuit of the highest levels of attainment; in entry into state, national and international competitions; and in appropriate liaison with other schools as well as tertiary institutions. Students who perform in an outstanding way are recognised publicly in school assemblies, in School publications, through the receipt of Prizes and Scholarships, through receipt of Commendation Certificates, and through membership of the prestigious Academic Honour Society.

Year 7-9 Courses
Year 10-12 Courses
Academic Talent Program

Reports on progress are an integral part of developing skills and fulfilling ambitions. All Guildford Grammar School students receive reports at regular intervals and this is supplemented by formal Parent-Teacher interviews and scheduled pastoral care progress meetings with Mentors. Guildford Grammar School is committed to sharing information with parents and students, fully, frequently and flexibly.