Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School at Guildford Grammar School.

I am proud to advise that our Senior School is now fully co-educational, allowing girls from the Preparatory School to now complete their schooling with us through to Year 12.

The extension of co-education into our Senior School ensures that girls will now have access to the beautiful grounds, wonderful facilities, innovative programs and exceptional teaching that our Senior School offers.

In our Senior School we are fortunate to have a strong and supportive pastoral care model focused around our House system. Each House fosters community responsibility, camaraderie, and independence, while also offering opportunities for leadership and inter-house academic, cultural and sporting competitions. The House based focus seeks to address the needs of the whole student, and aims to provide an unsurpassed level of care and support for each and every student focusing on student well-being and the creation of an environment where all Guildfordians feel valued and safe.

Our academic program focuses on engaging students by enabling them to have an informed choice in their learning pathway. Our Catalyst Junior Secondary curriculum in Year 7-9 sees the application of a secondary schooling model where students access specialist teachers in their learning areas. In addition to traditional ‘core’ subjects, our students are engaged in a range of Action Projects and self-selected Discovery Courses that promote engagement through choice. In our senior years our students are able to access a comprehensive range of ATAR and General courses, having had the opportunity explore their chosen interests and talents. We teach young people what it means to be a modern citizen, with the personal and learning skills needed to be successful in the 21st Century.

Surfing - part of the co-curricular program at Guildford Grammar SchoolWe believe the sporting and co-curricular activities we offer for our students are an important part of school life. These activities seek to enhance opportunities for our students, allowing them to learn more about their individual passions, interests, strengths and skills , providing a solid foundation for success and well-being beyond their schooling. 

As a founding member of the PSA, we will continue to compete in this competition with our Senior School boys’ teams. For our new Senior School girls, we have implemented a range of options, including hockey, basketball, netball, rowing, cross country and cricket and we also hope to offer opportunities to compete in other sports such as triathlon, orienteering, equestrian and surfing.

Our School is a place where boys and girls can experience amazing opportunities and have the freedom to be themselves.  In every conceivable way, we nurture individual talents and encourage our students to strive for personal excellence.  You will see this in our School purpose and you will see it in our curriculum, but most importantly, you will see it in the example of the young men and women who are students of our School.

I encourage you to come along and see for yourself the amazing opportunities available for you and your family at Guildford Grammar School.

Mr Brad Evans
Head of Senior School