State-of-the-art Facilities

Our Preparatory SchoolStudents, parent and teachers are extremely excited about our new Preparatory School buildings, which opened in Term 4, 2015.

The state-of-the-art $22 million development was designed with flexibility in mind. The primary school classrooms are devoid of fixed furnishings so that the spaces can be easily rearranged and reinterpreted to accommodate the needs of the learning at any given time. This flexibility includes the ability to collaborate between classes, as they have the ability to be linked or closed off as separate units.

The intention of the open and engaging break-out spaces is to further facilitate this flexibility. There is the opportunity for the break-out spaces to be the area of instruction, after which students move into another space, such as a classroom or multi-purpose space, to demonstrate and record their learning.

A key aspect of our purpose is inspiring students. Whilst this refers to what we as educators do, the building compliments this through inviting and engaging spaces making use of natural light and the warm and clever use of colour. The landscaping is equally impressive and drew upon strong feedback from students and staff that it be a playful space and one that clearly announces that it is a child’s space. The nature play elements bring a degree of natural irregularity and natural materials and elements back into the play space. It is a space that inspires imagination and interaction with the environment. The proximity of the sensational new slide to the Head of Preparatory School's office is not accidental.

Our Preparatory SchoolThe development incorporates a new administration building set atop the new café. The café, and in fact the entire gathering area of the development, reflects the strong sense of community that exists within the School. The primary school classroom precinct comprises three wings. The Year 1 and 2 wing and the Year 3 and 4 both comprise of six classroom in each building, accompanied by large break-out space. The Year 5 and 6 wing comprises eight classrooms, a linking break-out space and a multipurpose room to accommodate Science and Art teaching. The learning spaces will be complimented by interactive learning technologies and generous IT provision.

The project incorporates recent advancements in learning and building technologies. Highly flexible classroom spaces are equipped with projection and audio and touch screen displays, whilst a Building Management System (BMS) automates climate control - operating windows to allow for pre-cooling and night purging of spaces. The building also includes a seven kilowatt solar array to offset energy use throughout the day.

You can take a Virtual Tour of our Preparatory School here.