Getting started

Learn to swim at Guildford Grammar SchoolStage 1 - Sardine
  1. Enter the water safely
  2. Exhale in the water
  3. Open your eyes underwater and distinguish objects
  4. Float on your back with or without a board
  5. Attempt to kick 1 metre on your front or back

SLearn to swim at Guildford Grammar Schooltage 2 - Jellyfish
  1. Glide forward and freestyle kick 3 metres
  2. Glide forward underwater and kick 3 metres
  3. Glide backwards and backstroke kick 1 metre
  4. Swim 5 metres freestyle with head still, arms clearing the water and leg kicking alternating
  5. Tread water and do basic sculling
  6. Be pulled to safety by beach rescue
  7. Float on your back or front for 30 seconds

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