Hear from our students!

We asked some of our Year 6 students to write an advertisement to encourage other students to come to our school.  Here is what they had to say!

Guildford Grammar School offers your children the best education, which is designed to be fun and interesting for your kids to enjoy. Our sports program is designed much like the academic program, as it is aimed to stretch your kids to their physical peak. During your children's time at Guildford Grammar School we aim to give them the very best education in both the sports and academic programs. We also hold a range of co-curricular activities.

Our school is a safe, clean environment with good staff and happy students. There is a nice canteen, a spacious campus, nice classrooms and more. There are also camps and many more fun activities and many opportunities to learn.

Come to Guildford Grammar School and get learning and have fun!

At Guildford Grammar School we are a fun community who love to learn. We have lots of fun outdoors and sporty activities. From Years 5 to 6 we start to come into a range of competitive sports. We have years from Kindy all the way to Year 12. Camp starts in Year 2. The camps are so fun and we get food and do so many things like the flying fox, swimming, rock climbing and kicking the footy. Come to Guildford Grammar School and join the fun. Anyone is welcome.

Guildford Grammar School has a variety of learning spaces, is a friendly community and it is like a big family. Learning at Guildford Grammar School is an adventure! We have a great time learning new things and meeting new people! We have a comfortable, amazing uniform! We have so many varieties of sport, teachers and people!

You should really come to Guildford Grammar School because it's really special and fun. Classes are also really collaborative and exciting. There is an amazing selection of sports on offer.

We have many options for sport and music. We are a co-educational school. Our parents get involved. We have buddy classes for the younger years for more friendships. We support charities like the Smith Family.

Guildford Grammar Preparatory School is a good school with science, education and more. There is an early bird room for the parents that have to get up early. There is an after school care centre at the Kindy and Pre-Primary area. There is a lot of choice for your kids including Chinese, sport and lots more.

Guildford Grammar School gives us access to all the very best! Languages, specialist classes, over 10 different sports, a canteen and lots more! We are all in on safety. We have kind and friendly students always willing to lend a hand! We are a co-educational school. Guildford Grammar School offers a great future for your children and a fun learning experience!  Come to Guildford Grammar School now!

Our school has a friendly community, friendly staff and friendly children. We have a variety of sports like soccer, football, tennis and netball. Our education is helping kids with disabilities. When it is the middle of any term we have two days off, which are Monday and Friday, this is the mid-term break. We have been getting 5 stars from people that went to our school.

To go forward, and not to go back. Guildford, what a place, the place of fulfilled dreams, amazing community and most of all the greatest school, with a co-educational Preparatory School and Senior School. We have some of the greatest teachers in the state and being one of the best schools in WA we offer a great curriculum!

We do really fun things like going on camp.  Our cafeteria is amazing. The teachers are very nice and we have mid-term breaks. We do some really fun school work and we have some really fun events. You can make some good friends and we have massive and beautiful school grounds.

Become the student you have always dreamed of being at Guildford Grammar School. We will make sure that your children are prepared for life by our beloved teachers. We have plenty of classes and a STRIVE class that you could join to make sure your child's education is of the highest standard. We offer you plenty of programs to choose from and any sport you can dream of. With plenty of fun things to do, including a camp once every year for Years 2 to 9 and plenty of fun excursions, we guarantee you will love our school. We also have extra days off like our four day mid-term breaks and our three week holiday break in the middle of the school year. We hope to see you soon at Guildford Grammar School.

At Guildford Grammar School we offer lots of opportunities. We offer 11 different types of sport and lots of areas to play in. There are also specialist classes including art, Chinese and music. There are lots of activities after school that can entertain your children.

Guildford Grammar School is so special. Its sport equipment and all the space and school life with friends supporting you is nice. The freedom and the facilities are at such high standards and you know you can be involved in the school's community and always do your best. There are so many fun activities like the Big Breakfast with your dad and raising money for cancer by shaving your hair and many more. Come to Guildford Grammar School and join our loving community!

Guildford Grammar School is a wonderful school with great teachers and great sport, lots of outdoor activities and new classrooms. We also have a great Tuck Shop and a nature playground, a big library, learning support groups and lots of after school clubs. Come and join us!

From Year 2 the students go on camps which are designed to help the kids become more confident and step outside their comfort zone and experience the outdoors for a couple of days. During your children's time with us we aim to make them the best they can possibly be at subjects and sport. On special occasions we raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, the Smith Family and other charities.

You should come to Guildford Grammar School because we have different sporting activities like rugby, tennis and more. Guildford Grammar School was founded in 1896. We have a STRETCH program for those who need to accelerate their learning. We are a co-educational school all the way up to our Senior School. Our school has friendly staff that will help you whenever you need it.

Join Guildford Grammar School and educate your children now! Come here and discover all the learning opportunities that we have to offer! We have many sports and activities to do at recess and lunch, such as the library and the playground. We even have buddy classes to help younger students learn and form great friendships. We also support charities such as the Leukaemia Foundation. We come together as a community every Friday and talk about all the great events that are happening here at Guildford Grammar School.