Art at Guildford Grammar SchoolThe co-curricular life of the Preparatory School is reflected in many ways. Co-curricular in this context refers to those activities which take place above and beyond the normal classroom curriculum.  At Guildford Grammar Preparatory School, the co curricular component of education involves the following:

All Preparatory School students receive outstanding classroom music education and have the option to extend their music learning through instrumental tuition and participation in choirs and ensembles. Classroom music focuses on music-making, listening and responding to music, vocabulary and performance.

Young children love to engage in music! Kindgergarten and Pre-Primary students explore concepts such as pitch, dynamics, beat and rhythm. They learn to respond to music through imitation, creative performance and movement in a play-based environment.

From Year 2 every student is provided with the opportunity to learn a string instrument, selecting from violin, viola or cello. As students progress through the Preparatory School, other instruments such as the recorder, percussion and keyboard, are introduced and
children are exposed to more complex forms of music and develop music reading skills.


Music at Guildford Grammar SchoolChildren in Years 1 to 6 experience a s tructured art program that complements the overall curriculum and helps make connections to classroom learning.

At each year level, students review and learn about art and artists from different periods and genres. Children explore and develop art-making skills using a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, text art, water colours, printing techniques, drawing, textiles, paper art, jewellery and beading.

Art provides a wonderful platform to showcase both independent and collaborative skills. Through thoughtful response to artworks, students learn valuable critical thinking and communication skills that can be applied to all areas of their learning.

Before and After School Clubs

The Preparatory School Clubs program is extensive and offers and wide range of clubs for primary school age children across all years.  Some of our popular clubs include:
  • Spelling Club
  • Card/Game Club
  • Danceletics
  • Read to me Club
  • GGS Run Club
  • Hook into Hockey
  • Tech Camps4kids - Coding
  • Golf Program
  • Pottery Club
  • Homework Club
  • Hockey Squad Training
  • 1st Rugby Squad
  • Nick Corrigin Soccer School
  • Tackle Walla Rugby

Camps and Outdoor Education

Each class in the Preparatory School from Year 2-6 attend a camp, which is coordinated by the Director of Outdoor Education. Many of our camps at held at the School's stunning campsite at Stronghills!

Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.