Guildford Grammar Preparatory SchoolAt Guildford Grammar School, our students have agency in their own learning journey, they form the heart of all decisions, so they are free and empowered to choose their own story. They are encouraged to delve deeply, show rigor and embrace their inate curiosity and wonder. We want to create the ideal environment where each child is at the centre of their own learning.

We believe children should take ownership of their learning, have flexibility in their choices and use their voice to create their own adventures at Guildford Grammar School. As educators, we provide students with the tools, knowledge and confidence to achieve this. Our students feel valued for who they are, not solely what they are good at. We teach and reinforce the key fundamentals of learning every day through explicit teaching. These fundemantals are the crucial building blocks of learning and they require time, attention and revision each day.

Guildford Grammar Preparatory SchoolWe aim to go beyond the limitations of the curriculum with rich learning experiences and forward thinking. Rich learning is delivered through the inquiry model and enables our students to learn at their own pace and through meaningful engagement. This model cultivates curiosity, a relentless passion for investigation and a genuine fascination with learning. Together we find and explore tangents, routes, pathways and interests within learning to question the world. Each opportunity is assessed, appraised and analysed to scaffold your child’s education.

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Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.