Code of Conduct

Policy Statement
Guildford Grammar School requires each and every member of the School Community to behave in a manner consistent with the School Code of Conduct.

As an Anglican School, Guildford Grammar School has a responsibility to its students, staff and parents to maintain a safe physical and emotional educational environment. The school recognises and promotes the innate worth of all people.

The School requires all members of its community to live and work by a code informed by its Christian foundations and thus to develop attitudes, behaviour and conduct based on mutual respect and concern for each individual.

Our Code of Conduct is strongly aligned to the School values of Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Spirituality, Teamwork and Compassion.

This Code positively shapes and influences our culture. Our students, staff and other members of the School community will share a commitment to the Code as part of their engagement with the School. Our teams will interact in ways that reflect the Code. All people in our community are responsible for holding themselves and each other accountable for conduct or behaviour that aligns to the Code. Any non-compliance should be reported to a member of the Strategic Leadership Team. Any report will be handled with regards to fair and just process and privacy principles.

This Code of Conduct has been prepared having regard to the Australian Standard 8002-2003 'Organisational Code of Conduct'.

Our Code of Conduct

I will:
  • Strive to achieve personal excellence
  • Respect and value all individuals equally
  • Show appreciation, consideration and compassion for those around me
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Search for spiritual meaning in life which transcends the body and mind
  • Encourage teamwork in an effort to achieve common goals
  • Inspire others with positive behaviour and words
  • Communicate with care and transparency, and be approachable
  • Respect and protect property belonging to ourselves, the School and others
  • Abide by the law
  • Be proud of our School and its reputation; be a positive school ambassador
  • Take care to protect myself and others physically, emotionally and spiritually