Annual Reports

Each year, as per the Australian Education Regulation 2013, the School is required to report on specific performance indicators which must include information in the following areas:
  • Contextual information on the School, including the characteristics of students at the School
  • Teacher standards and qualifications
  • Workforce composition
  • Student attendance at the School, including:
    • the attendance rates for each year of schooling; and
    • a description of how non-attendance is managed by the School
  • Student results in NAPLAN assessments
  • Parent, teacher and student satisfaction with the School, including (if applicable) data collected using the National School Opinion Survey
  • School income broken down by funding source
  • For a school that provides secondary education:
    • Senior School outcomes, including the percentage of Year 12 students undertaking vocational training or training in a trade and the percentage of Year 12 students attaining a Year 12 certificate or equivalent education and training qualifications
    • Post-school destinations
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