The Medical Centre has employed the services of Dr Prendergast from Swan Medical Group, who visits the School twice a week to attend to those boarders who require a consultation with a GP. This is a bulk bill service.

The Nurse Manager is in attendance throughout the appointment and will consult with parents and ensure transparency of any diagnosis or follow up radiology/pathology or specialist referrals as required.

The Medical Centre staff also oversee the dispensing of all medications required by the boarding students. All night time medications are dispensed through blister packs provided by Kiara Pharmacy, and those students requiring daytime medications can present to the Medical Centre from 7.00am.

Guildford Grammar School uses the services of Guildford Dental Therapy Centre for the provision of free general and emergency dental for students aged 5 to 16 or until the end of Year 11, whichever comes first.

In conjunction with the Transport Manager, the nursing staff ensure all boarders are safely transported to any scheduled appointments within the Midland/Guildford area. This includes orthodontists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, dentists and radiologists. All appointments outside of this area require consultation with nursing staff to ensure parents/guardians are available for transportation.

As with all students, the Medical Centre staff are available for all emergency care and first aid management for any illnesses and injuries that happen during the school day. For boarding students outside of these hours, there is always a nurse on call to assess and liaise with the boarding staff and facilitate medical review by a GP or ancillary medical specialists as required. If necessary, parents and/or guardians may be contacted by the nursing staff requesting the student be removed from the boarding environment for a few days' rest or until the student has fully recovered from their illness or injury.

As always, the nursing staff is available for any consultation with parents/guardians and we encourage correspondence or follow-up appointments to be emailed to the Medical Centre at This ensures are reminder slips are delivered to the students, appropriate staff are notified of absence from school and transport can be arranged.

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