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Foundation Member

In 1974, the Guildford Grammar School Foundation was created to help guarantee the financial independence of the School and to develop its standing as one of the foremost educational institutions in the country. Since then The Foundation has worked diligently to build a solid  corpus of funds by attracting and retaining the continuing interest and financial support of Old Guildfordians, parents and friends.

In its short history, The Foundation has been able to support students through a Scholarship program, contribute significant funds to redevelopment projects such as the Foundation Pavilion and work closely with The Council and School Administration in shaping the future of our great School.

The Foundation is managed by a Board including Dr Bill Ryan (President), Mr Andrew Hull (Vice President), Mr Russell Lester, Mr Julius Skinner, Mr Ron Gamble, Mr Roger Port, Ms Karlie Mucjanko, Ms Alana Monaghan, Mr Mitchell Wells (School Council Nominee), Mr Stephen Webber (Headmaster), Mr Tim Cocks (Executive Officer) and Mrs Louise Barnett (Treasurer).

There are four levels of Foundation membership based on the amount of donations made during a five year period: Member, Associate, Fellow and Patron.

Would you like to learn more? Email or call our Director of Community Relations, Mr Richie Longson, or call (08) 9377 9216 for further information.