To ensure that our students are prepared for a life beyond tomorrow, we recognise that our learning program must extend beyond the classroom. Our comprehensive sporting and co-curricular program offers extraordinary opportunities for a bright future.

The benefits of participating in co-curricular activities are many:

  • Physical, creative and service activities are vital outlets that improve social and emotional wellbeing. All children should learn how to balance recreational and academic activity.
  • Co-curricular activity can encourage controlled risk-taking, a necessary skill for children to develop academic curiosity and intellectual courage. Students have the opportunity to take risks on the  sporting field, in artistic pursuits or in trying out a new activity.
  • New skills learned through co-curricular activities can be applied to academic studies. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between academic success and participation in co-curricular activity . The clarity required to understand a particular topic can improve children’s learning capacity.
  • Juggling a program of activity teaches young people about the importance of time management, organisation and being prepared. Older students learn how to schedule extra activity into their schedule and discover the positive impact co-curricular activities can have on their whole wellbeing.
  • Younger students adapt their learning with play-based activity and discover new strengths and talents.

We encourage all students to seek a full and rich educational experience, pursuing a wide range of activities in order to unearth every child’s unique passions and talents.

Students are engaged in physical education and sport from the beginning of their time at the School. Students at all levels have access to world-class sporting facilities and experienced, knowledgeable coaching staff.

Students using the gymnasium at Guildford Grammar SchoolSenior School boys have the opportunity to participate in PSA competition for: football, rugby, soccer, basketball, badminton, tennis, rowing, swimming, athletics, volleyball, golf, hockey, water polo, triathlon and equestrian. The Director of Girls Sport is responsible for building the sporting program for our Senior School girls, based on the interests and passions of our new students. Options for 2018 include tennis, aquatics, water polo, athletics, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, cricket, triathlon, hockey, rowing, cross country, soccer, netball, equestrian and rugby 7s. Additional sports maybe be added
during 2018.

Our music program is the most vibrant and varied in the State, with 23 Senior School music ensembles and 11 Preparatory School ensembles. A full calendar of music events provides countless opportunities for students to perform in front of an audience and gain real-life performance skills.

Our extensive clubs program in the Preparatory School our students have access to wide-range of co-curricular activities including:
  • Art and Craft
  • Athletics/Cross Country
  • Camps and Tours
  • Chess
  • Creative Thinking
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Outdoor Education
  • Opti Minds
  • Robotics/Coding
  • Sport
Our Senior School co-curriuclar program is comprehensive and includes:
  • Art
  • Cadets
  • Camps and Tours
  • Chess
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Cooking
  • Crossfit
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • Debating
  • Drama
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Electrical Vehicle Challenge
  • Fencing
  • Jazz and Funk
  • Kung Fu
  • Mock Trials
  • Music
  • Pedal Prix
  • Philosothon
  • Public Speaking
  • Singing
  • Sport
  • United Nations
  • World Scholars Cup

You can request a copy of our co-curricular handbook by clicking here.

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