Last Day in New York and the Senior Team Finish Second in the Whole World!

Today was our last day in America and we intended to make the most of it.  The juniors had their closing and awards ceremony in the morning and caught the shuttle bus in to Yale for this shortly after breakfast.  They were then finished by lunchtime and had the afternoon to relax and shop.  The seniors did things the opposite way round and did their shopping in the morning.  Zach tried on lots of clothes whilst Emerson and I rated them out of 10 each time he emerged from the changing room.  The pink-haired changing room assistant thought this highly amusing.  Ashton made his objection to clothes shopping very clear but still pushed the trolley in a helpful manner to the check-out, where we were served by an assistant by the name of Princess.  I bought a dog toy, racked with guilt that my dog will have pined away in my absence.  After the clothes shopping we spent a very happy hour or two in Barnes and Noble, a massive book store that we all could have stayed in for the rest of the day.  After a quick lunch, we returned to the hotel to get changed into formals for the talent show (it wasn’t called that but I have just filed away all my bits of paper about the Tournament, so I can’t tell you its official name) which started late and ended even later.  Lots of teenage angst expressed in song and the occasional dance.  I lasted two hours and then escaped by offering to go and pick up dinner with Zach, so Emerson and Ashton could continue to enjoy the entertainment.  Upon our return, Ashton was still having a good time and Emerson was asleep.
We walked a good fifteen minutes to the hall where the awards and closing ceremony were to be held.  If I tell you that it involved more than two hours of a couple of thousand people screaming (literally) and results being flashed up on a huge screen for only a couple of seconds before rolling onto the next one, and zillions of those students climbing past everybody else to collect medals from people with armfuls of them on stage, you will hopefully forgive me if some of the results which I tried so hard to write down turn out to be not quite exact and accurate.  As someone who prides herself on checking everything and working very hard to get things right, it pains me to suggest that there may be errors in what I am about to report, but it is entirely possible that some of these results may require re-publishing when we get the printed results (which I’m assuming we will at some point – presumably late, as everything else has been!).  Suffice it to say that we did marvelously well.
Senior team results
The best and most impressive result is that in the Champion Team category (ie the overall category when all results are added together) the boys came second!  In the whole world!  A fantastic result.  They had to go up to the front to be photographed and were then interviewed on camera – they looked very smart with their formal uniforms enhanced by lots of clinking medals and three gold cups.  Goodness knows how they will fit all their new bling into the luggage with today’s shopping, but we’ll make it work.  Other results (and remember there were two hours of these, so I’m not listing them all) included the team coming 8th in the Bowl (the clicker quiz competition) and 7th in the Challenge (the multiple choice competition).  Individually there were also lots of impressive results including (but not limited to) Emerson getting gold medals in Writing, Social Studies, Mythology and Science – he was also the School’s Top Scholar and came 12th overall in the Champion Scholars’ list.  Zach achieved gold medals in the debate, writing, literature and the overall Challenge as well as coming 23rd in the Champion Scholars’ list.  Ashton achieved silver medals in Arts, Social Studies, History and Literature.  The boys also had various other awards and medals, too many to list inaccurately here at this time of night.  Suffice it to say you would have been proud of them all, as I was.
The junior team performed very well, too, with Mitchell scoring nine medals, Noah five and William also five.  I haven’t actually seen Mr Bacon other than once, briefly in passing in the past 24 hours, so he will supply the details of the junior team’s triumphs.
We clapped extra loudly when the call to give special thanks to the coaches was given – Coach Landy and Coach Rumble have worked so hard with these teams for so long, building up their knowledge and practising the different aspects of the competition.  They obviously did a brilliant job, as together with the hard work from the boys, the results are amazing.  I know they will both be very proud of their teams and I thank them for letting me travel with the boys to the competition.
We were home at the hotel by 10:30 pm, the Uber driver having been very impressed  with all the bling the boys were wearing and carrying.  We get picked up at 4 am for the coach ride to the airport, so this will be the last blog of the trip.  It has been a fabulous week.  The boys have looked after each other (and us) and have represented their school with pride.  We have travelled well, met new people and learnt lots, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

Dr Julie Harris

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15 Nov 2017 - 9:47 PM
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