Take the Plunge...Swimming for Competition and Fitness

We all know about the benefits of swimming.  From burning calories and improving our cardiovascular health to strengthening our core body strength, increasing our endurance and helping us to manage stress, swimming is a great all-round exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels.
The swimming program at Guildford Grammar School has been invigorated this year with the heating of the Senior School pool.  With a year round approach, more training sessions and a broader aquatic focus has seen more swimmers than ever join our program and our partner club, the Guildford and Kalamunda District Swimming Club (GKDSC).
Our ongoing collaboration with GKDSC provides our elite with swimmers excellent training opportunities and professional coaching.   The collaboration is paying dividends for our swimmers, with three of our Senior School students heading to the national competition at Sydney’s Olympic Park in April.
This year we added open water swimming to our sporting program, with a team of girls and boys making their open water debut at Shorehaven early in February.   Eleven Guildford Grammar School swimmers took to the water, some of them taking part in an ocean swim for the first time, across a variety of distances.  The team brought home a stash of medals in the 500m, 1.25km and 2.5 km events, which bodes well for the 2018-19 season.  Two of our open water swimmers are training for the Rottnest swim next week and we wish them a fair and calm passage.
Our budding triathletes will step into the limelight in March, with a group of girls entering team and solo events in a variety of distances in the Hillary’s Women’s Triathlon, and a mixed team entering the Mullaloo Triathlon to support our preparation for the inter-school event in November.
The recent introduction of novelty events to our House Swimming Carnival helped to increase student participation in the swimming carnival, with the hotly contested staff-student relay well received by staff and students alike.
For students who enjoy swimming, who would like to get a little bit fitter, or who would like to use swimming as a way to complement their other sports, training sessions are now available all year round, the heated pool taking away any excuses for procrastination! Dates and times for the Term 2 and 3 sessions will be published soon.
For the younger students, or adults who are not so confident in the water, we also offer swimming lessons in the summer months.  These lessons are advertised on our social media pages and on the website, or interested families can contact Mr Brett Tongue, Head Coach, on 0419 953 528 or brett.tongue@ggs.wa.edu.au.
Full details of our swimming program and training dates and times is available on our sport website at http://www.ggs-sport.com/

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23 Feb 2018 - 2:53 PM
GGS Admin
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