Catalyst - Our Junior Secondary Curriculum

What if the traditional school timetable could be changed?

Traditionally, students experiencing the first three years of Senior School have had their learning take place within rigid timetable structures. Often, these timetables were designed to suit the school, rather than its students, offering little flexibility and limited opportunity to explore emerging areas of interest and for students to showcase their skills and talents.

But what if a timetable could be adjusted to suit the interests and needs of individual students?

The result would be a school which could offer its students more choice, more opportunity and more flexibility in their learning.

Our goal is to provide the very best learning opportunities fkr each and every one of our students so that they can pursue their own brand of personal excellence.

The result of this research is an exciting and innovative curriculum for our Junior Secondary students. It’s called Catalyst – and it’s built to reflect the ways students learn and think in their early teenage years. 

Catalyst caters for the individual interest of each student, offering pathways for them to explore new areas of learning without neglecting the essential skills and understandings all students need to be successful in their senior secondary years and beyond. Catalyst is designed to ignite a love for learning that will that will endure beyond the school gates.

Read more about Catalyst - Engagement through choice

Click here to view the the full program of Catalyst programs and electives

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8 Dec 2016 - 1:29 PM
GGS Admin
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