Creating the New

Last Friday, at an awesome Assembly from our Kindergarten and Councillor, Danil Aleshin, we had the opportunity to speak about ‘creating the new’. We surveyed the students on who had created a new club, drawing, piece of music, idea, invention or concept.

 Easily 90% of the students (and a good number of parents and staff) raised their hands.
The focus was on the benefits to all of us to have people ‘create the new’. We need people who create new ideas, new pathways, new solutions and, most importantly, new concepts for old ideas. In order to ‘create the new’ we must still learn the basics today; maths, writing, reading, health, spirituality and our strengths.
But ‘creating the new’ has risks and is often the difficult path. When we ‘create the new’ we often fail the first time and often on the second and third attempts. These ‘false fails’ are just hurdles for us to get over to achieve the new.  When we ‘create the new’ others often say “that won’t work!” or “that’s not how it’s done”. These naysayers can often be afraid of the unknown and their own comfort zone. When we ‘create the new’ we have to take a leap of faith in ourselves.
We want to celebrate and acknowledge those who go beyond the known and constantly ask:
What if?
What next?
I wonder…

So all of you who will create our future, our inventions, our new ideas… GO CREATE, FAIL, LEARN, CREATE AGAIN, DON’T LISTEN TO THE DOUBTERS, CREATE THE NEW… CREATE YOU!
Mr Clark Wight
Head of Preparatory School

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30 May 2019 - 2:05 PM
GGS Admin
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