A Week in Year 2!

Across Year 2 we have been reading and adapting some poems as part of our shared class reading sessions. We have been having so much fun changing parts of the rhymes to make our own verses. The poems have taught the children not only about rhyme, but extending their vocabulary and understanding of the English language.
In Maths, 2C have been looking at different currencies as part of our topic on money. We have been very interested in the different size, shape, colour, pictures and names of different coins and notes from around the world.  2B have been working on counting money and making the right amounts of money to buy things we find in shopping catalogues.  We are getting very good at counting money!
Year 2 have been focusing on change this term. 2B have been investigating and researching pollination while 2C have been looking at change in different materials.
Some of the children in 2C thought that silk was actually felt and that’s why our journey of change has been focused on using our senses of sight, touch and smell with different materials. We have also looked at the stages of silk and wool production and now we are researching about a lifecycle of our choice. We have written some amazing questions in groups that we hope to find the answers to.
2B have been amazing scientists.  We have dissected flowers to find the different parts and see if we could find were the pollen was in the flowers we bought from home.  We were so excited to find out that there are lots of different pollinators that help our plants grow and reproduce.  The students have worked in groups to research different pollinators and draw pollination cycles to show what they have discovered.
There is nothing better than hearing children laugh and in Year 2 we hear lots of laughter as children are building, researching and creating.  Learning through play and co-operation and laughing as we go is the most important part of learning.
The aim of our lessons is to teach the students: 

  • To become independent with their belongings
  • To show empathy to others
  • Some strategies for working out problems with others
  • That it’s okay to ‘have a go’
  • Mistakes are learning opportunities
  • That self-management and responsibility are important
Five tips for success in Year 2
  1. Ask if you are unsure of something.
  2. Have a go. It might be easier than you think.
  3. Ask questions about our different topics as we love to help you answer them!
  4. Smile, pay people compliments and be a friend to someone!
  5. Don’t forget your super hero qualities. You are all super heroes!
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2 Jul 2019 - 11:26 AM
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