A Fresh Start: Students' First Impressions of the School. Written by our Year 6 Students

When you think back all the way to your first day here at Guildford Grammar School and about how you felt, did you feel scared, nervous, anxious or excited? Maybe some people don't really remember, so we've asked some new teachers and students; some who arrived at the start of the year and others who came here this term, to talk about their first impressions.

"It looks nice, has lots of sporting fields and is really big," said Chloe, a new students in 6C this term. She has joined us from Dubai English Speaking College in the United Arab Emirates. "It's excellent! It's a great school!" Chloe was born in Australia but moved to Dubai when she was nine months old for her dad's work. She, like Miss Crossland, thinks her new school is great. "I love everything about it! The community, the learning approach and the values of GGS," exclaimed Miss Crossland. She arrived at Guildford Grammar School at the start of the year from All Saint's College. She was born in Australia and her dad was a student here when she was a child (the Crossland family have a strong connection to St George's House in the Senior School). She thinks the biggest difference here at Guildford Grammar School is that there are way more Eagles fans, which she loves!

"The people are a lot kinder," explained Archer. He came to Guildford at the start of the year. Guildford Grammar School was his third school. He came from Mount Lawley Primary School which was also co-ed. He is in Year 3 and he is an only child, unlike Olivia. Olivia has a brother in 4E and his name is Josh. She came here at the start of the year from Bindoon Primary School. Guildford is her third school and she was born in Perth. "There are way more options here than at my old school for sport," says Olivia. She thinks that GGS is really unlike her other school where she didn't have a set uniform.

Overall, you can see that people do remember really funny and exciting memories and feelings of their first days at Guildford Grammar School. These feelings and thoughts show some different perspectives on our school's facilities and size to opinions on how kind the people and staff are and their values. All round, students and staffs' opinions are very positive and are good for the future of the school.

To finish off, we want to end with a quote from Richard Branson, "You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over."

If you would like to find out more about our amazing school, please join us for a school tour!

Researched and Written by Sadbh, Nicolas and Danil
Year 6, Guildford Grammar School

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10 Oct 2019 - 10:19 AM
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