Inspired by our students

LeadershipTeam-7This article is dedicated to our students.

Simply… you inspire us.

You… yes you. Every one of you in your own unique way and in your own time, inspire us to be teachers and more than that, better educators.  You may not know it but we started in education because of you, and because of you we constantly strive to improve and grow.

You are all so amazingly, wonderfully, frustratingly different. You learn to read at different times, you master skills not together but in many different ways at various stages. Some days you are present and engaged and other days you are somewhere in space and time, but definitely not present in my class. It is your difference that challenges us and inspires us. Thank you.

Imagine how boring and repetitive it would be if you were all exactly the same, learned the same way and at the same time? You inspire us when we “get you” and you “get it” and you inspire us equally as much when we can’t figure you out and you clearly aren’t “getting it”.

We can’t grow as educators unless we are inspired and challenged. You do that for us every day, each term and in every school year.

You inspire us with your personal stories of family, joys, hardships and challenges.

You inspire us as we watch you grow through discovery, disappointment, opportunities and the “ah ha” moments. Most importantly, you inspire us to make a meaningful connection with you. It is the relationships we build with you that helps us to connect, learn about you and figure out what makes you tick. Once we understand that we can start educating you best. The key to our teaching is that relationship.

So to you… our students past, present and future thank you for inspiring us to be better and to fulfill the title of “teacher”.



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2 Nov 2016 - 2:56 PM
Global Administrator
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