Clark’s October School Holiday Challenge!

During the month of October (and as soon as our holidays begin) we have set for our community the following holiday challenge:
Who of you will be creative enough, brave enough and adventurous enough to take on our Outdoor October Challenge?
The challenge for this holiday break is NOT to take three whole days off technology (though that would be awesome!) but to spend a total of 48 hours over the two weeks outside in nature. For our Maths enthusiasts out there that is only 48 hours out of a total of 336 hours, or only 14.28% of your total holiday time.
So, our GGS Prep Challenge is to overcome Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) and spend and record your 14.28% or more time out in nature.
We can do this! We can beat NDD by spending at least 48 hours out in nature. Recording your time is easy – write a journal, record your events with photos and get social. Post your pictures enjoying nature, your stories and adventures on the Outdoors October Facebook page, website, twitter feed or on Instagram. All the links are below, and don’t forget to tag the School too by adding @Guildford Grammar School to your post!
Together, let’s beat NDD, get our 48 hours each out in Nature, explore our wonderful land and CONQUER THIS CHALLENGE.
There are a myriad of ideas and opportunities listed on the Outdoors October website for all interest levels. If you are not into bush tucker and billy tea after sleeping under your swag don’t worry, there are plenty of walks, rides and opportunities listed for everyone. Play – go or get outside. Post and share your adventures.
So, where will you be during Outdoors October?
Outside my office there are signs for our community to write their goal for October, take a picture and send it to me. I will post them on Instagram and link them to Outdoors October.
Enjoy our outdoors and your challenge!

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21 Sep 2016 - 4:05 PM
GGS Admin
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