Can we make it to the STEPS? July School Holiday Challenge!

So, the July school holidays are almost here and Mr Wight has issued his school holiday challenges for the Preparatory School community - not one, not two, but THREE! His GROWTH challenge is brilliant - can our Prep School community walk enough steps over the three week break to walk a quarter of the way the moon, or around our planet twice?

As part of our focus on GROWTH, we thought it would be fascinating to see how many STEPS we could take and record each day over the holidays. This can be a family challenge as well. Your mission – to measure and record how many steps you (and any member of your family) take each day. Keep a journal and at the end of the holidays add up (with help, if needed) all those amazing steps you (and yours) have taken. You many need a PEDOMETER for this so we have one for every student in the PREP SCHOOL! these will be handed out at Assembly tomorrow! Students and families can also use any other kind of step counter if you have one.

Now for the cool Maths ….

If every student in the Prep School walks/runs at least 10,000 steps a day (big ask, but it is a GROWTH challenge) we could get very close to 103,500,001 steps as a Prep School. That is: 450 of us, for 23 days, at 10,000 steps per day. That is equal to ¼ of the way to the MOON or 2.5 trips around our EQUATOR.

So what do you think … can we make it to the MOON? In Week 1, we will send out a link for you to record all the steps taken as part of our growth challenge.

We look forward to seeing your results!

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29 Jun 2017 - 2:59 PM
GGS Admin
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