Helping your teens through their exams

With less than three  weeks to go until the commencement of the Year 12 Trial WACE examinations, combined with our school focus on R U OK Day on Thursday, our Director of Library Services shares some timely tips to help parents help their teenagers through this possibly stressful time.

  1. Talk about symptoms of stress with your teenager. Understanding what makes them stressed they can build the skills to cope better and reduce stress in the future.
  2. Help them set up a quiet and comfortable place to study. Help them get organised and write a study timetable that includes breaks and time to relax and socialise.
  3. Give them some time off household chores during their exam period and schedule family time around their study timetable. Be responsive to their needs and don’t ask them to stop studying for something that isn’t urgent.
  4. Help them write a list of things they can do to relax. Making time to relax can help to reduce stress and calm their nerves.
  5. ncourage them to be active, eat well and sleep well. Go for walks or be active as a whole family and make healthy meals (limiting caffeine and sugar).
  6. Look after yourself. By taking care of your own wellbeing you will be in a better place to support your teenager through this stressful time.

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13 Sep 2017 - 12:00 PM
GGS Admin
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