Finding the WOW in the world

It is times like our Preparatory School Carols Concert when we stop and enjoy moments of “WOW”. We appreciate the beauty, the vulnerability, courage and the sheer joy of children engaged in singing and fun.

Finding the WOW is more important now than ever before. In a world too often consumed with worry, doubt and unrest, we need to refocus on our WOW. Inherently it is often the simple things in life that bring us moments of WOW; a hug, a sunset, a rainbow, an ‘I love you’, a moment of beauty, or a simple act of kindness.

So, what was the WOW in your day?

Forgetting all the hassles, rushing, timelines, and expectations, what was the moment when you could (or did) stop, pause, breathe and enjoy the WOW?

Telling others about our moments of WOW builds a sense of gratitude, hope and thanks.

This could be a cool holiday challenge and work far better than the pedometer idea. Listing the WOW moments as a family over the holidays, hmmmm. Maybe we are onto something?

For some other moments of WOW the details are below on a very cool podcast for our kids, which may lead to some great conversations.

"Wow in the World," a podcast for kids and their parents, announced the production of 40 new weekly episodes starting on November 6. Since the podcast launched in May of 2017, it has topped the kids and family podcast charts, reaching over 5 million downloads and averaging around 200,000-300,000 downloads per week— clearly showing that families are hungry for screen alternative content.

From Co-Host Guy Raz:
"Kids and parents are looking for an alternative to screens—a fun, exciting, silly (and educational) way to spend time in the car, at the breakfast table or even hanging out at home. That's what "Wow in the World" is! We think of it as a cartoon for the ear but a cartoon that takes kids and grown-ups deep into some of the most amazing scientific discoveries of our time. Mindy and I pore through peer-reviewed academic journals to figure out how to translate the amazing work of scientists into a kid-friendly adventure through space and time."

From Co-Host Mindy Thomas:
In this season we'll find out how horse's got their hooves and why onions make us cry, we'll visit the Solomon Islands and meet a giant rat who lives in the treetops, attend a 'coral' concert in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and take an adventure through the human body! These new episodes bring more big discoveries, more cheesy jokes, and more crazy new inventions. Plus we'll continue to share the amazing messages that we receive every single day from kids all over the planet, sharing the big WOW's in their worlds!

Through comedy and conversation, hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas guide curious kids and their grown-ups inside their brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science and technology. By sharing positive and inspiring news stories, Wow in the World provides a vehicle for families to share in the wonders of the world together and offers an alternative to kids' growing screen time.

Wow in the World can be downloaded wherever podcasts are available including, Apple Podcasts, and at

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the WOWS!

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29 Nov 2017 - 2:23 PM
GGS Admin
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