Logical Incrementalism

Logical incrementalism. I know, I was just as confused as many of you are when I first heard this term. Logical incrementalism is the process of taking small steps over time to achieve a greater goal.

I’ve never been the smartest kid in the class, but I’ve always made sure my work ethic has made up for that. By taking small steps in class and on the sporting field, I’ve been able to achieve many goals.

Let me explain more by using a scenario.

Meet Jeff; not necessarily the smartest individual, but he is organised and has a decent work ethic.
Then there is Gaz; loves to procrastinate and leave his work (whatever that may be) to the last minute because, “she’ll be right”. 

Introduce the task, due date and the work and effort needed to complete the task.

For Jeff, at first the task looks challenging, so he decides to start right away and takes a few small steps, organising himself and understanding the task.

Gaz on the other hand has decided he’ll leave the task for later and it will sort itself out.

Jeff comes home after a tough game of footy and decides to take his first small step, which would often be his planning or goal setting what he is going to do to complete the assignment he was given.

He would then take a few more steps, which would include doing some research, eventually getting the draft done and getting the teacher to review it.  Coming closer to the due date, Jeff feels comfortable with the work he’s completed on the assignment to achieve the best possible outcome.

Arriving at the due date of his task, Jeff has made the big task feel simple by planning early and by taking small steps over time.

On the other hand Gaz has decided to play Fortnite all weekend to see how many wins he can get in a row by landing at Tilted, not giving his assignment a second thought.

Weeks later Gaz is still on the console. The weekend before the assignment is due he starts to realise how much work is ahead of him. Overwhelmed by the large amount of work he must now do, Gaz does not know where to start.  He will typically struggle and produce poor quality work because of the amount of effort that is required in such a short period of time.

Although not a recommended approach, there are some people who can complete the work in a short time before the due date and get the results they want, but for the majority of us, being like Jeff and starting the work early is the simplest and most effective way of completing your task to a good standard.

In the end my message to you is simple, logical incrementalism- small steps will get you to your goals more effectively.

Jeff or Garry? You decide…



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22 May 2018 - 8:18 AM
GGS Admin
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