Fergus' Five Fabulous Tips for new Senior School Students

Year 7 student Fergus joined the Senior School this year and has prepared five fabulous tips to help new students entering the Senior School next year. 

Tip One
Talk to new people.  It may seem like lots of people know each other. But really, even if they are talking to the people they went to school with before, or if they came from the Preparatory School, that still isn’t a majority of the Year 7 cohort. You will benefit greatly from just speaking to a new boy or girl.  Just this little act could not just make your day but the other students’ as well.  So it is a win-win situation.

On my first day in Woodbridge House, there were many new boys to the School.  I was lucky enough to know a couple of boys who had been in the Preparatory School with me.  But by taking the time to talk to the new boys, we have all made new friends, and respect each other. 

Tip Two
Be organised.

I know that you will be told this a lot, but take it from me, it really helps. For Term 1 and 2 I was using a very messy folder.  But it didn’t really work.  I got sick of this during the Term 3 mid-term break and changed to my new well-organised folder.

After going back to school, all organised, I enjoyed class so much more than before when I was disorganised - and a bonus, I am now learning so much better.

Tip Three
My third tip is that you have to realise that everyone is feeling the same.  Everyone at some stage will feel overwhelmed, nervous and under pressure about starting Senior School – even the parents.  Don’t worry – those feelings are completely natural. Everyone feels them, especially during such a big transition.  You are not the only one. 

I was nervous about moving to the Senior School and I came up from the Preparatory School.  For many of you I know that you are also coming from a different school, not from the Preparatory School.   If you stay calm and talk about your worries, you can overcome these feelings and then get the most out of school – both academically and socially.

Tip Four
My fourth tip is to make the most of all the opportunities that you are offered at Guildford. When you start in the Senior School, you will quickly learn that there is a club or group to do any activity you could dream of doing.  You can do debating, drama or music ensemble.  If it’s sport you love, you can do athletics, swimming, cricket and my favourite, football.  Some of these are compulsory, but there are so many optional things that you can do also. 

Not only are they fun, but they help you meet new students; students from other years and other houses.

Finally, Tip Five
This is my biggest tip – know that there is always someone in the Senior School who will have your back.  It might be your best mate, your mentor, or your Head of House.  It might even be the counsellors or Father Philip.  Or even some of your teachers or fellow students.  There is always someone you can go to. 

You will hear how special and unique the Guildford House system is – this isn’t just talk.  It is really true.  While Woodbridge House is the best house, I am sure that the other Houses are nearly as good.  Woodbridge is the place where I go and I feel welcomed by the older boys.
Hopefully with these tips you will not only enjoy and have a great time in the Senior School but get the most out of it and the most out of you – while having fun of course!  I hope that I have excited you about being a part of the Guildford Grammar Senior School Community new year. 

Year 7 Woodbridge

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24 Oct 2017 - 10:44 AM
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