The importance of The Arts for your children

One of the major assets of our co-curricular and academic programs is our commitment to a broad range of opportunities for students to participate in artistic endeavours. 
The treasure of artistic pursuits is the duality of enjoyment that exists for not only the performer, but also for the audience.
Playing music, creating artworks and acting in theatre can be fun for children, but there is so much more they can gain through participation in the arts.
The importance of The Arts for your children:

Fosters creativity
According to The Washington Post, children are given an opportunity to express themselves when they are asked to recite a monologue, paint an image from a memory, or create a rhythm to make music. If children’s creativity and inventiveness are well-developed early in life, they will have a sense of innovation that will help them in their future careers.

Academic excellence
There is direct correlation between learning The Arts and academic achievement. Research shows that students of The Arts enjoy higher academic grades and better employment opportunities. They fared better on standardised tests and were more motivated to learn than those who have reduced or no access to education in The Arts.

Sense of confidence
The Arts give children an opportunity to shine as they showcase their creative skills onstage or in an exhibit, where their performance and output can be seen by many people. It gives them a chance to step outside their comfort zones and develop a greater appreciation of self-worth.

Promotes visual learning
Artistic skills such as drawing, sculpting and painting rely on well-developed visual-spatial skills. Students are taught how to interpret, criticise and use visual information in The Arts so they can make choices based their knowledge. This is important as children grow-up in an increasingly visual world where they are bombarded with visual information.

Encourages critical thinking
The Arts can strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as decisions made in the creation of different art mediums can carry over to other aspects of children’s lives. As they become detail-oriented in honing their skills, they also begin to weigh decisions based on available information and learn how to view situations from different angles.

Instils focus and perseverance
Indulging in The Arts as a creator can often be challenging, yet rewarding. As children develop skills in crafting their art, they become more focused and perseverant as they complete their tasks. The pursuit of artistic expression can help children become more patient and steadfast in achieving their desired results.
The Arts can help children develop skills that are important for academic achievement and lifelong learning. Supporting your children in pursuing their artistic passions can help them to become well-rounded learners.
Guildford Grammar School offer a wide range of subjects in The Arts including Dance, Music, Visuals Arts and Drama to enhance your child’s creativity. Download our Prospectus or browse our website to learn more.

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