The 5 Benefits of Book Club!

For those parents new to the Senior School, you might be interested to know that we run two Book Clubs for all students. Senior Book Club is for all students in Years 10 to 12 and Juniors, Years 7 to 9.

5 benefits of being part of a book club

  1. Improving achievement. Studies show that young people who regularly read for pleasure are more successful academically. Book Club is a great place to get book recommendations from your peers and can be a motivator to find more time to read.
  2. Meeting new people. Book Club is a great place to meet people outside your existing friendship group and get to know each other through real discussions that go beyond small talk.
  3. Exploring new perspectives. Aside from the obvious benefits of developing empathy through reading and exploring minds and worlds beyond your own, Book Clubs help you learn to see others point of view as you learn about your fellow Book Club members tastes and see how they interpret what they are reading.
  4. Developing new skills. Book Club is a great place to develop skills such as listening respectfully and articulating abstract ideas. Explaining what you think a book is about or why characters behave as they do often requires articulating some quite subtle and abstract concepts. Sometimes the new skills you learn can be unexpected such as learning how to make tables out of old books.
  5. Having fun. Book Clubs are fun. Book Club is a friendly, relaxed experience that you can take in any direction. Discussions, excursions, finding new kinds of books that you didn’t know you liked until you tried them and all kinds of literary activities such as building book tables, bookcrossing and playing Thud are just some of the ways to enjoy being part of a book club.
The first Junior meeting for the year was held on Thursday 15 February and the seniors will meet on Friday 23 February.  Our Book Club Meetings are held in L2 (upstairs from the Senior Library) and usually run from 3.30-4.30pm; all students are welcome!

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