An Education Worth Having

Education is a dynamic environment and the nature of learning is constantly changing.  The messages from social commentators on workplace and social futures is that many of our current students will be working in digitally enhanced environments that are much less focused on routine information-seeking, transactional and routine problem-solving and much more focused on forging relationships, tackling novel challenges and synthesising big-picture scenarios.  The complex environmental, social and economic pressures that extend globally need articulate champions to develop inspired and creative solutions.  Our children and young adults will be those champions.

Great schools know what must not be lost from their past but also how to build changes that will lead to improvement in their ways of working.  Other changes result from the critical need to ensure that the experiences our students have throughout their schooling equip them to lead inspiring and empowered lives.

In the coming weeks and months, you will hear from members of our Strategic Leadership Team who will be publishing in the Bulletin, Forward Magazine and blogging on various topics focusing on current and emerging trends in education.

The aim of these publications is to share with our Guildford Grammar School community the current thinking and research in relation to teaching, learning and parenting, the latest neuroscience around the growth and development of children’s brains, and the trends that are occurring locally, nationally and internationally where innovation is changing the way schools support young people to learn.

We look forward to sharing with you an informed dialogue about the exciting changes that are occurring in education and the opportunities that are emerging for all of us at Guildford Grammar School to reimagine education for the benefit of the young people we teach.


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26 Feb 2020 - 5:51 PM
GGS Admin
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