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June 2019
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Term 2 Week 9

Stephen Webber, Headmaster of Guildford Grammar SchoolI am often blown away by the quality of our students’ speeches at our assemblies and the maturity and conviction they display. This was particularly so last Friday when Stanton Venoutsos (Year 6) delivered his Councillor’s address at the Preparatory School assembly on the topic of creativity. He articulately explained how important creativity is and the impact it has had on our lives, through various inventions, innovative developments and technological changes.

As educators the challenge remains to ensure that we value, encourage and enhance the creativity of our students, often in the face of increasingly mandated curriculum content that can have the impact of narrowing the pedagogical focus. Stanton’s address powerfully illuminated the importance of ensuring that wonder, awe, problem solving, critical thinking and creative collaboration all feature as part of our programs. This theme links strongly to the following piece by Kevin Roberts:

Radical Optimism

More than ever we need creative optimists and risk-takers. We don’t need more young people being steered into what are seen (for the moment) as ‘safe’ jobs. In the same way that we now feel the need to keep our children in a health and safety bubble, this is another example of our inability to live with risk. One of the downsides of the information age is we’re bombarded with bad news. We’re pre-occupied with staying safe. It’s invading every aspect of our lives. How we eat, how we play, how we raise the next generation. But we need risk. Without it, dreams would never make it into reality. Ideas are the currency of today and technology is the enabler. We don’t just need creative optimists, we need radical optimists. People who believe nothing is impossible. Radical optimists look at the world and want to make it a better place. Problems aren’t barriers, they’re challenges to be solved. We should be encouraging our children to discover their strengths and provide them with the support they need to be successful as people not just as workers. Pushing kids on to the path that might guarantee a job, regardless of their passion, may sound sensible at a time of economic uncertainty, but fulfilment and passion are more dependable measurements of a successful life.

Our incredibly creative Director of Music, Mr Kieran Hurley, will be in Darwin this weekend for the premiere of “Aussie Rock Legends” that is being performed on Saturday 29 June, by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra (DSO). Kieran was commissioned to arrange all of the music for the DSO and Rock Band ‘The Zep Boys’ who will perform the concert. With 17 pieces from illustrious Australian acts such as Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, John Farnham and ACDC, it was a huge undertaking for Kieran to arrange all of the music for such a wide range of instruments. I imagine that the work will be subsequently performed by other orchestras around the country in the future. We wish Kieran all the best for the event along with past staff member and Old Guildfordian Jonathan Tooby (St 82-86), Musical Director and Conductor of the DSO.

A musical highlight for the end of term will be the Preparatory School concert, Around the World in 80 Minutes on Thursday evening and I look forward to enjoying the event with our community. The concert starts at 7.00pm in the DLD.


Zachary Matthews (12Fr) recently won the WA Final of the Plain English Speaking Award. He will now travel to Brisbane in August to compete in the National Final for a place in the English Speaking Union’s International Public Speaking Competition, held annually in the United Kingdom. 

Two teams competed at the RACI Titration competition last night. Tia Mackenzie (12Wb), Tom Hodgins (12Ha) and Ben Bozich (12SG) came 7th in the heats and are through to the state finals at Murdoch.  Jayden Miller (12Wb), Ashton Reid (12Ha), Bevan McNess (12Fr) and Kaelis Ball (12He) as reserves came 17th and missed a place in the state finals by two places and 0.000002 error! Awesome work by both teams.
Nathan Hazle (11Sc) has been selected to referee in the FFA National Youth Soccer Championships in Coffs Harbour over the holidays. Nathan was one of only two referees to be selected by Football West.

Nalani Snoeks (9SG) received a Gold Commendation at today’s assembly for her Year 9 Drama Design task. The creativity displayed in her costume design, exceptional attention to detail and level of analysis demonstrated depth of thinking and commitment to the task.

Jeremy Choong (11Fr) achieved a bronze medal for High Bar (level 9 under 17) at a last month’s Australian Gymnastics Championship in Melbourne.




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