Guildford Grammar School
Term 2 Week 3
13 MAY 2020
Go Forward

Term 2 Week 3


Anne Dunstan, Principal of Guildford Grammar SchoolWhen times are uncertain, we must come back to our values

It is difficult to avoid writing and speaking about COVID-19 at the moment and we have probably all noticed the catchphrases that we have added to our vocabulary. Phrases such as these unprecedented times; uncertain times, we are all in this together, flattening the curve, at the time of writing.  Sometimes it seems we have lived and breathed the pandemic’s impact so much and for so long that it has become difficult to think or talk about anything else. But there is still much to be thankful for.

Over the next two weeks we will provide more information to our families on the gradual return to co-curricular activities, including sport, performing arts, recreational pursuits, competitions, clubs and our regular large group gatherings.  We have all missed these activities and look forward to being able to deliver them again.

The Government has released the National 3-Step Framework for a COVIDsafe Australia. On a state level there is a 4 phase COVID-19 WA Roadmap, and at Guildford Grammar School we have our own set of plans.  These are aligned with State and Federal guidance and health advice and are supporting our carefully staged return to the “new normal” (the “safer normal” as it is called in New Zealand) or perhaps, dare we say, the “better normal”!

I thank each of you for your patience as we continually adapt and regroup. I have regularly reflected on our School’s core values and I am proud of the manner in which you and your children have lived these values.

Excellence - being the best we can be 

Respect - showing appreciation and consideration for those around us 

Integrity -sticking to moral and ethical principles even when others are not looking 

Spirituality - a personal way of loving, accepting and sharing with people and the world 

Teamwork - working cooperatively to achieve our common goals 

Compassion - showing sympathy and empathy for others 

I am certain each of us can identify a member of our School community who has demonstrated these values in action in the last month.  If so, I ask that you proactively acknowledge them for their efforts.  Please take the time to encourage, thank and applaud; do it in person, or send a card or note.  This small gesture could change the course of someone’s day and remind them that we really are all in this together.


Congratulations to Year 10 student Emily Nayler (10Be) who was awarded the Jack Howson Trophy at the Swimming WA Westpac Swimmer of the Year Awards. This is a huge achievement given that she was competing against the males and females in her age group over the State Age Long Course Championships. 

Anne Dunstan


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