• Guildford Grammar School is proud to host 7-a-side Summer Hockey, starting on Monday 9 October and running through until Friday 1 December.

    The program is below:

    Monday night
    5.00pm-6.00pm Year 3-4
    6.00pm-7.00pm Year 5-6
    Mixed Juniors
    Tuesday night
    Women's Open
    Wednesday night
    Men's Open
    Thursday night
    Friday night
    6.00pm start
    Year 7/8/9 separate boys and girls competitions
    Junior  boys/girls

    It costs $50 to register a team plus a $50 match fee per team.  Registration fees can be paid online by clicking here.  Download your team nomination form here and email it to Phil Marshall at phil.marshall@ggs.wa.edu.au.  

    Match fees are paid on the night.

    Location: Guildford Grammar Foundation Hockey Turf
    Datetime: 9/10/2017 11:38 AM

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