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As co-education is phased into our Senior School, we are asking our community to raise any concerns, and to provide their input to supporting and preserving the best of our culture through and beyond the transition.  Questions, comments and concerns can be posted via this Feedback link on this website.  We will also host several community workshops, the second of which will be held as follows: 
Date:     Wednesday 15 February, 2017
Time:     6.00pm-8.00pm
Venue:   David Lawe Davies Centre (DLD)

To register:         Please RSVP by clicking here or email communications@ggs.wa.edu.au

We are committed to ensuring our workshops this year will provide all members of our community and prospective parents with the opportunity to learn more details on key aspects of the business transition plan, including pastoral care and student well-being, academic curriculum, sporting programs, co-curricular programs, uniforms, and facility development. These were all topics raised at our first workshop where parents are keen to have input.
Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.