Engagement through Choice

Guildford Grammar School StudentsAs adults we all know we learn best when engaged in pursuits that ignite our passions and spark our interests.  This is most certainly the case for students traversing their early teenage years. At this time of their development, students can be in search of answers to a number of burning questions like What am I good at?, What courses are best for me to study in years eleven and twelve? and What do I want to do when I leave school?

Our extensive suite of Discovery courses have been designed with our students interests in mind. By selecting from over twenty different Elective courses offered across Years 7-9, there is a course to suit all tastes and interests. A diverse range of Discovery courses also means that students can choose to step outside their comfort zone and try a different subject for the first time. 

Through their experience learning across a wide range of practical and academic courses, students  will learn more about what they like to learn and what they are good at.

Offering courses at a level that suits the learner: X, Y and Z Elective subjects

Rather than learning being dictated by chronological age, we are able to prioritise a student’s current level of skill and knowledge.  The result is subject offerings that best suit your son or daughter. Through our unique Discovery course structure, the traditional tenants of a senior school timetable are again challenged to meet the needs of our students.

Catalyst Discovery courses are offered at two sequential levels; Conceptual (X) and Intermediate(Y). In the learning areas of Music and language studies, Advanced (Z) courses are also available. Offering Discovery courses at three levels means students can choose to study a subject that aligns with their current level of understanding.

Our X, Y and Z courses are also offered across the Years 7-9 curriculum. So, if your daughter or son wishes to try a Discovery course or the first time in Year 9, they can choose to study it at the X level. This way their selection will see them learning in a class uniquely designed for students interested in exploring a Discovery course for the first time and not a class where students may have completed significant studies in the subject previously. 

For most students, the appropriate entry point will be an X course. However, flexibility is also an important part of Discovery courses, and it is entirely possible to design a Discovery course program to meet existing interests and abilities. Students who have previous, formal experience in a relevant area can begin their study at the most appropriate ability level for them. This is most likely to apply to students who have undertaken previous studies of Music, or a foreign language. For students new to a Discovery course, however, the point of entry will be at the X level.
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