Year 11 subjects

Biology (ATAR)
Business Management And Enterprise (ATAR)
Certificate II in Printing and Graphics Art
Certificate II In Sport And Recreation
Certificate III in Business
Chemistry (ATAR)
Chemistry (ATAR)
Chinese Second Language (ATAR)
Computer Science (ATAR)
Design - Graphics (ATAR)
Drama (ATAR)
Drama (General)
Economics (ATAR)
Engineering Studies - Mechanical (ATAR)
English (ATAR)
English (Foundation)
English (General)
French Second Language (ATAR)
Geography (ATAR)
Human Biology (ATAR)
Human Biology (ATAR)
Independent Living
Integrated Science (General)
Literature (ATAR)
Materials Design And Technology - Metals (General)
Materials Design And Technology - Metals (General)
Materials Design And Technology - Wood (ATAR)
Materials Design And Technology - Wood (General)
Mathematics (PRELIMINARY)
Mathematics Applications (ATAR)
Mathematics Essential (General)
Mathematics Methods (ATAR)
Mathematics Specialist (ATAR)
Media Production And Analysis (ATAR)
Media Production And Analysis (General)
Modern History (ATAR)
Music (ATAR)
Music (General) with embedded Cert II in Music
Out in the Community
Philosophy And Ethics (ATAR)
Physical Education Studies (ATAR)
Physical Education Studies (ATAR)
Physics (ATAR)
Politics And Law (ATAR)
Psychology (ATAR)
Visual Arts (ATAR)
Work Right Placement
Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.