Sock it to Sarcoma Day

26 Aug 2015

Tomorrow School House is hosting Sock it to Sarcoma Day, with the aim of raising money and awareness for those affected by sarcomas. For a gold coin donation, Senior School boys can come to school wearing two odd socks. There will also be a sausage sizzle at lunch time, outside School House, with all proceeds going towards Sock it to Sarcoma. This initiative is being driven by Year 12 student Mitchell Ainsworth, who has himself been impacted by sarcoma.

Sarcoma is a group of rare primary bone and soft tissue tumours, given a number of different names depending on the type of tissue from which they arise. Examples of soft tissue sarcomas are: leiomyosarcoma,(from smooth muscle); liposarcoma (from fat); chondrosarcoma (from cartilage); rhabdomyosarcoma, and synovial sarcoma, whilst osteosarcoma and Ewings’s Sarcoma arise from bone.

There are over 30 variants of bone cancer, and over 70 variations of all sarcomas. Some varieties most commonly arise in children, adolescents and young adults and in adults over the age of 55.

The causes of sarcoma, including whether or not there are any underlying genetic links, are not yet established. This is the reason why more research into the molecular biology and etiology is so crucial.

There are approximately 1200 new cases diagnosed each year in Australia which account for approximately 1% of all adult malignancies and 15% of paediatric malignancies.

We hope you can throw your support behind this cause and 'sock it to sarcoma'.

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