Head of Prep Awards

27 Mar 2015

Congratulations to all of the Preparatory School students who received a Head of Prep Award at this morning's Assembly:

Tyler Harvey
Madison Knox
Daria Eldridge
Angus Hamilton
Joss Bates
Aurelius Honti
Avani De Santis
Oliver Radi
Amelie Day
Lucy Summerscales
Omal Deeyagaha Waduge
Mackenzie Knoop-Bender
Lucy Le Coultre
Audrey Miller-Furesh
Dhinuk Gonapinuwala Chantelle Yee
Oliver Sills
Harrison Webster
Joshua Bozich
Oliver Davis
Archibald Brooker
Joshua Holberton
Macklin Calder-Wood
Devin Norrish
Jessica Dell
Danyelle Schafer
Caleb Jowett-Blinman
Ethan Velupillay
Hannah Dell
Sarah Pinelli
Joshua Miro
Rizvan Nair
Aron Blair
Tahlia Davis
William Hutson
Leo Oldfield
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