Preparatory School Celebrates 100 Years

4 Sep 2014

Guildford Grammar Preparatory School will celebrate its Centenary at a special assembly on Friday 12 September.  Former staff, students and parents of the Preparatory School will join with current staff and students for the assembly, which will feature two prominent Old Boys of the School, a photographic history of the School, viewing of items saved in the 2004 time capsule, and the cutting of a Centenary cake.

Former student, Izaak Lim, who is both an acclaimed local performer and a qualified doctor, will take to the stage to perform his own musical theatre version of the history of the Preparatory School. Another former student, Alex Wood, also a qualified doctor, will address the assembly on the value of his time at Guildford Grammar Preparatory School.
All current students, from Kindergarten to Year 6 will be part of the assembly, with many parents also coming along to celebrate this special day.

The Preparatory School was formally established following a meeting on 24 July, 1914 between the Headmaster Rev’d Percy Henn, Rev’d Lionel Parry (Staff 1909-1902) Cecil Priestley (Head of Prep 1914-1921) Mr C J Noake (auditor) and Mr H Stapley (Bursar 1910-1926). The meeting was called to consider the advisability of forming a company to take over the Preparatory School about to be started in West Guildford by Mr Priestley. It was unanimously resolved that a company be formed to be called Preparatory School of Western Australia Ltd.
At a meeting held on Friday 7th August it was resolved to open an account with The Union Bank of Australia Ltd. Mr Cecil Priestley was appointed Headmaster of the Guildford Preparatory School at a salary of 200 pounds per annum commencing 1st September. Mr Noake was appointed auditor at a fee of 1 guinea per annum.

On Friday 28th August Mr Priestley produced a draft of the lease of Mrs Adamson’s house at West Guildford, and the terms were agreed on. Rent was 7 pounds 11 shillings and eight pence. The lease of the school premises was signed and fixed with the company seal. The first students enrolled for 1914 were:
  • Burchell Butcher (Dayboy 1914-1919) from Guildford, born 1902
  • John Leslie (Jack) Butcher (Dayboy 1914) from Guildford, born 1902
  • James Burchell Butcher (Dayboy 1914-1921) from Guildford, born 1903
  • Athol Frederick Ferguson Stewart (Prep/Stirling 1914-1923) from Guildford, son of founding student Enid Drake-Brockman, born 1904.
  • Edmund Robert Ferguson Stewart (Prep/Stirling 1914-1922) from Guildford, son of founding student Enid Drake-Brockman, born 1903
  • Ian Oriel Thorburn (Dayboy 1914-1921) from West Guildford, born 1903
  • Robert Bleazby (Dayboy 1914-1920) from Guildford, born 1904
  • John Milne (Dayboy 1914-1919) from Guildford,born 1904.

Today almost 500 children, boys and girls, are enrolled at the Preparatory School.  Work is now underway on new classrooms and Administration building, to be completed in 2015.
Inspiring students to achieve personal excellence and to be outstanding citizens who work to create a just, loving and peaceful society.