2013 WACE Results Released

31 Jan 2014

We acknowledge the hard work invested by these boys and their teachers, supported by their families and friends.

High academic achievement was again a feature of our results, with 31 boys (22%) achieving an ATAR above 90, ranking their results in the top 10% nationally. Eight of these boys achieved an ATAR of 97.5 or more, placing them in the top 2.5% Australia-wide. These boys have the honour of entering Guildford Grammar School’s Academic Honour Guild (previously known as the 400 club).

Our special congratulations go to Tristan Dale, who achieved an ATAR of 99.65, Campbell Beck who was awarded an ATAR of 99.2 and Alexander Morrison who achieved an ATAR of 99.05.

A snapshot of the Class of 2013 reveals:
  • 95% of Guildford Grammar School students achieved an ATAR
  • 31 students (22%) achieved an ATAR above 90
  • A further 35 students (24%) achieved an ATAR of between 80 and 89.95
  • The School median ATAR (students studying 4 or more WACE courses) was 78.65

It is pleasing to note that 66 out of 143 students, or 46% of Guildford Grammar School students who sat four or more examinations, were placed in the top 20% of the state using the ATAR as the measure.

A further indication of the broad academic ability of this cohort was the high number of admissions to the 2013 Senior Academic Honour Society. 14 members of the graduating class achieved entry to this society, which requires the impressive attainment of a minimum twelve A grades across the first eighteen months of Years 11 and 12. These boys were Benjamin Adcock, Campbell Beck, Alex Berry, Christopher Cook, Tristan Dale, Alexander Duthie, Aksh Handa, Dylan Hill, Kelvin Lamont, Zakary Langtry, Alexander Morrison, Jackson Passeri, Aaron Porter, and John Ridley.

Boys who scored an ATAR above 99
Tristan Dale (99.65), Campbell Beck (99.2), Alexander Morrison (99.05).

Boys who scored an ATAR above 97.5
Jackson Passeri (97.95), Zakary Langtry (98), Alexander Duthie (98.05), Jack Read (98.15), John
Ridley (98.2)

Boys who scored an ATAR of 90 or above
Kelvin Lamont
Aksh Handa
Benjamin Adcock
Aaron Coates
Aaron Porter
Christopher Cook
Mitchell Papas
Nicholas Brown
Benjamin Griggs
Christopher Martin
Alex Berry
Robert Watson
Alex Butcher
Jaxon Eastabrook
Alexander Emery
Gavin Eadon
Hamish Chisholm
Jack Montgomery
Jack Williams
Alex Regnaud
Nathan Wytkin
Jack Littlefair
James Hoschke

Certificates of Commendation
Students who achieved 20 A grades during their Year 11 and 12 studies qualified for a Certificate of Commendation. Six Guildford Grammar School boys achieved this accolade: Campbell Beck, Tristan Dale, Alexander Duthie, Aksh Handa, Alexander Morrison and Jackson Passeri.

Highest Performing WACE Courses:
Guildford Grammar School was listed as having amongst the highest performing students in the state in Stage 3 courses in Engineering Studies, Materials Design and Technology and Physics.

Secondary Graduation
98.6% of our boys achieved secondary graduation.

University Entrance
95% of Guildford Grammar School students were offered a place at UWA, Curtin, Murdoch or ECU in first round University offers.

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